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Experts in digital and traditional marketing

Jakobsson Communication is an advertising agency that takes a holistic approach to your communication. We help you with strategies, campaigns, websites and take care of your brand in the digital world. Everything you need, in one place - tailor-made solutions for your company's needs.

Strategic communication for effective marketing strategies

Our strategic communications service focuses on creating and implementing customized marketing strategies that align with companies' goals and audiences. We develop PR plans to define target audiences and create engaging messages, which are delivered through carefully selected channels. Our work also includes integrated marketing plans that combine traditional and digital methods, ensuring cost-effective solutions and promoting customer loyalty.

We place great emphasis on establishing communication platforms for a unified brand voice across different media. Through our service, we aim to make every communication initiative meaningful and results-driven, helping companies stand out and build strong relationships in a competitive business world.

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Public Relations (PR)

Embark on a journey towards increased communication efforts with our agency, where Public Relations (PR) is not just a service; it's a transformative experience. Our extensive experience and expertise in PR helps you create compelling narratives to redefine media relations, capitalize on digital dominance and crisis-proof your brand. Elevate your brand with us, where success is not just a goal but an assured outcome.

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Thoughtful design - branding and design services

We specialize in creating unique and memorable brand identities, including logos and graphic profiles, that highlight your company's unique character. We also offer the creation of customized print materials such as business cards and brochures to strengthen your physical presence, while ensuring a strong and consistent online presence through user-friendly digital design. Our expertise includes creating a consistent visual identity across both digital and physical channels, building trust and brand recognition.

Our designs communicate not only your brand's aesthetics but also its history and values, creating engaging visual stories and adapting to the latest design trends to keep your brand relevant and innovative. We are passionate about working with you to develop a strong brand strategy and design that is aesthetically pleasing and strategically effective.

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SEM - keyword advertising

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a crucial part of digital marketing, effectively helping businesses reach new customers and increase revenue while keeping costs down. By using SEM, businesses achieve instant visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. SEM strategies involve the use of keywords and advanced cookie technology to place ads on relevant web pages, and payment is per click, meaning advertisers only pay when users interact with the ad.

SEM is suitable for all business sizes and offers customizable solutions to reach specific audiences. With SEM, ad distribution can be local, national or global. Different ad formats include text ads, image ads, app marketing, video ads, and shopping ads, each with unique benefits. SEM is not only cost-effective but also consistent and results-driven. Adapting to current market trends ensures that brands remain competitive and relevant in a dynamic digital environment.

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SEO - a necessity for digital success

SEO, or search engine optimization, is essential for improving visibility and driving traffic to your website. By optimizing your site for search engines like Google, you can achieve higher rankings and increase your online presence. On-page SEO includes techniques such as optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, header tags and alt tags for images, as well as focusing on keyword optimization and site speed. Off-page SEO is about building quality links and creating valuable content. In addition, local listings and mobile optimization are critical to reach a wider audience, especially since over 40% of Google searches are local. Effective SEO leads to increased visibility, higher rankings and more traffic, which in turn can increase sales opportunities.

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Web design and production

We offer customized web design services that combine aesthetics with function to strengthen your company's digital presence. Our responsive design solutions optimize the user experience across all devices, while SEO strategies increase your visibility on search engines. We customize each project to reflect your brand's unique identity and goals, offering everything from user interface to technical performance.

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E-commerce solutions with WordPress and WooCommerce

We specialize in tailor-made e-commerce solutions with WordPress and WooCommerce. We offer flexible, cost-effective and user-friendly websites, perfectly adapted to reflect your brand's unique identity. With a focus on scalability and complete control, we ensure that your online store not only looks good but also performs optimally. Choose the right e-commerce platform for your business with our expertise and create a successful digital presence.

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Creating memorable moments with creative campaigns and concepts

We specialize in creating unique and memorable marketing campaigns and concepts. Our goal is to combine creativity with strategy to produce campaigns that not only communicate your brand's message effectively, but also create a profound impact and engagement with your target audience.

By balancing text and image, we create harmonious and thought-provoking stories that highlight your brand's unique identity. Our commitment is to deliver creative brilliance and exceed expectations, while helping your business stand out in the digital marketing world. Contact us to transform your marketing strategy.

Campaigns and concepts

Effective social media advertising with Paid Social

Paid Social, a core component of modern digital marketing, utilizes platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube to strengthen your brand's online presence. At Jakobsson Communication, we create engaging content to reach and engage your target audience, while navigating the latest algorithms to maximize your reach.

Social media advertising offers unique opportunities for audience targeting. We use advanced tools on platforms like Facebook to target your ads based on user demographics, interests and behaviors. By using Meta pixel for remarketing, we can create custom audiences that are similar to your existing customers, resulting in higher conversion rates and a more efficient marketing budget.

Our expertise in Paid Social includes a balance between creative content and strategic placement, ensuring that your campaigns not only reach but also touch and engage your target audience. Let us at Jakobsson Communication help you optimize your digital marketing and turn your social media advertising into measurable results.

Email marketing: adapting to modern trends and technology

Email marketing remains a fundamental and effective component of the digital marketing strategy. With a large percentage of internet users in Sweden regularly using email, this channel offers a direct and personalized route to consumers' inboxes. Today's email marketing has evolved to include advanced segmentation and AI-driven personalization, increasing relevance and engagement.

Creating valuable content is the key to success, while respecting the privacy and consent of recipients in accordance with data protection laws such as GDPR. Modern email marketing integrates interactivity and mobile optimization, allowing businesses to adapt to user behavior and preferences.

At Jakobsson Communication, we create customized email campaigns that engage and convert, with links to your website or unique landing pages for detailed customer insights. We analyze and report the results continuously to constantly improve your campaigns and maximize ROI.

Film & photo

Images are a hugely important part of digital marketing, and as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. But it's important to grab attention right away - according to Facebook, you have 1.7 seconds to catch someone's attention in their feed. Surprise is good, but evoking emotions is even better. Make sure you present your business in the right way on your website, ads and social media.

We have extensive experience in storytelling through images, both still and moving. The first five seconds of a video are crucial, so think about what you show first. Skip the logo and focus on making the sender's message crystal clear. Tell it straight, effective and heartfelt. A laugh, a curse, a tear - emotions engage and move people to action. What emotions do you want to charge your brand with?

Internal communication

Internal communication is crucial to a company's success in a dynamic market. At Jakobsson Communication, we understand this and offer customized solutions to strengthen your internal communication. By informing and engaging employees in the company's vision, we transform them into brand ambassadors, reinforcing external campaigns and company culture. Our services include strategic planning, modern tools, training and follow-up, to ensure that internal communication is integrated into your business strategy.

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AI-driven communication

We are constantly evolving in AI-driven communications, offering services that reshape digital marketing. Our expertise lies in integrating artificial intelligence to create engaging, SEO-optimized content, amplifying brand visibility and audience engagement. We produce AI-generated articles, unique social media posts and eye-catching images, all tailored to match the uniqueness of each brand.

With AI, we can analyze data to understand audience behavior, enabling targeted and relevant content. We also offer strategic planning for social media, ensuring optimal publishing time and maximum impact. At Jakobsson Communication, we are dedicated to helping businesses navigate the digital world more effectively and with greater impact. With AI-driven solutions, we transform the way you communicate.

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