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Think. Before.

From the first strategic steps to the finished product, everything should be connected and based on the goals we set together with you. A communicative platform leads to a graphic identity and tonality, which leads to a media and content plan, which leads to a website, which leads to a corporate video, which leads to advertising in digital channels, which leads to landing pages, which leads to analysis - which leads back to the media plan. Yeah, you get it. And so do we.


Strategic communication

We develop marketing strategies that can be expressed in PR plans, marketing plans and communication platforms.


Branding and design

We can help you with logo creation, graphic identity, printed materials of all sizes, digital design and more.


Film and photography

Bring your brand to life. We have extensive experience in filmmaking and photography.


Campaigns and concepts

We develop overall ideas that combine text and images in a convincing way and that interest and move the recipient.


Websites and e-commerce

Your website is the hub of your marketing. We design and develop websites, landing pages and e-commerce platforms.


PR (Public Relations)

Take your brand to new heights through PR efforts with engaging narratives and redefine media relations.

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We are as wide as our partners

From construction to AI start-ups, to transportation and e-commerce, our customers operate in many different fields. So do we.

What is it like to work with Jakobsson Communication?

Above all, it should be easy, safe, profitable and fun to work with us. We believe in quick feedback and clear messages and we have realized that our ability to listen is absolutely crucial. Thus, we have set the bar high even for Patrik Sjöberg in his glory days (sorry Holm, 2.42 is still 2.42).

In all humility, we would also like to say that we can also get covid, a nail in the foot, discover that the bike has a puncture or that the children have some kind of spots. You know. Things that happen, things that can slow us down in everyday life. But most of the time we achieve the ambition that it is easy, safe, profitable and fun to work with us. That's where we always aim for.

Elevator pitch for high-rise buildings*

What is special about us as an agency is that we develop the content of the communication while being able to get it out in all channels. This allows us to work data-driven and continuously optimize campaigns. We know, this is a complicated pitch. But not really. First of all, we are good at understanding what our clients should say. But also how and where. Now that most things go out in digital channels, everything becomes measurable and we can quickly see what works and what doesn't. Is the headline right? Is the image right? Have we explained the benefits clearly enough? Have we chosen the right channel? Should we be on LinkedIn, Meta or Google? Are we reaching the target audience?

Good assignments for us are when we can make a real difference. We can make companies clearer, prettier and more attractive. The combination of good packaging of messages that are visible, interesting and convincing and the ability to manage all digital channels is our spearhead. Companies that have not utilized the full potential of e-commerce, advertising on Google and in social media, together with an agency that has experience and knowledge of how to build strong brands, they are the ones who benefit greatly from working with us.

Concrete examples of assignments are market research, business intelligence such as competitor analysis, film & photography, advertisements, all kinds of printed matter, exhibition stands, websites, newsletters, press releases, all kinds of online advertising, search engine optimization, signs, banners, packaging and so on.

The companies we work with can be large or small, local or global, and in all sectors. The assignments we receive can be more or less extensive. So it is difficult to be specific. Companies undergoing change or for sale need to review their communications. The same goes for companies in crisis or with declining sales. Good communication is essential to get through difficult periods. And in good times you want to consolidate your position and increase your lead.

How much does it cost? How does your pricing work?

We have different pricing models. Some pay a fixed monthly retainer, others we charge on an hourly basis. In many cases, we work with a framework budget where we report on what has been done each month and review what will be done next month. We also work with fixed prices on a project basis. So we are flexible and always keen to find a model that works for everyone. Talk to us.

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